Portrait of a Social Media Pro: Visit Denmark

It is no lie that Denmark is a small and sometimes overlooked country – especially when it comes to tourism. We have snow, but no high mountains to ski on, we have beautiful beaches, but not the temperatures for laying on them all day (except for this summer, phew, HOT!). The tourism in Denmark is on the rise however, with more and more people travelling here to experience the unique culture and nature.

One of the main contributors in putting Denmark on the map and out into the world of social media is the Danish organization Visit Denmark. As the name suggest, it is an organization focusing on getting more tourists to come to Denmark, and they are doing a really good job promoting this little nation.

Visit Denmark has of right now 17,430 followers on Twitter and 217,721 likes on Facebook. Not bad at all. With pictures of attractions and sights as well as small stories about what’s going on in Danish culture, Visit Denmark mostly focuses on soft and positive news, that is the typical funny/quirky/surprising story that so often gets shared on social media. For example this tweet about surfing in Klitmøller – something that not many people know is possible in Denmark:

Visit Denmark is an example of succesfull use of social media as promotion, in a non-invasive or annoying way. Their tweets and stories draw people in, inviting to comment and share and post your own stories and photos from Denmark. It doesn’t feel like advertising, when in reality, that is exactly what it is – just very, very clever advertising.

To finish off, here is another one of Visit Denmark’s posts that has gotten its fair share of likes and shares. In this post from their Facebook page you can enjoy another (surprising) fact about Denmark. Go like their page or follow them on Twitter to get the latest updates, pictures and fun facts about Denmark.